About Kevlar Pest Control


Kevlar Pest Control is one of Arizona’s premium local and family-owned companies! Kevlar was founded in 2011 based on the premise of protecting families, pets, loved ones, and homes to the max from whatever pests they may encounter. Evan, the owner, graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Biological Sciences. His goal was to put his degree to work… which he did through pest control and the biology that’s encountered daily in the industry. His goal wasn’t to reinvent the “industry wheel” but rather to elevate the industry, business, and client experience! Evan highly valued the industry, business, and client partnership, which fueled his desire to create the highest quality service experience possible.


Evan evaluated the top companies and took the best traits from each one to create protection plans tailored to the clients’ various needs regardless of the scope of work or size of the infestation. Additionally, he evaluated the pests that clients encountered daily. Upon his analysis, Evan developed protocols and procedures utilizing the knowledge of organic chemistry and what was most effective for each targeted pest. He took this knowledge, acting like that of a skilled surgeon after diagnosing and went to work, building what Kevlar is today!


Our technicians are second to none! Kevlar’s technicians are personally selected and trained, incorporating over 15 years of pest control experience! We demand and accept nothing less than the highest of standards from our technicians during the servicing of your home or business. Kevlar’s technicians have been trained to be courteous, professional, and be critical thinkers using deductive reasoning to diagnose and resolve each client’s pest issue utilizing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques.


We believe through our approach to pest control and experience level that NOTHING PROTECTS LIKE KEVLAR PEST CONTROL!