No one wants to spiders in their house. If you are having problems with spiders, we can help.

If you’ve seen spiders or signs of their presence in or around your home. We’ll rescue you from the ones already there, help you secure your home against future invasions and make sure no bigger issues await you come springtime.


Spiders don’t instinctively prey on humans; unfortunately, with the borders between their natural habitats and ours becoming less defined, we just inadvertently get in their way. A spider or two of even the more harmful varieties isn’t necessarily cause for panic, they do tend to bring their egg sacs into the safety of our homes this time of year. When warmer weather returns, seeing one arachnid foe in your home could mean a few hundred are waiting to hatch out.

Do you Have Spiders?


The following links can help you identify the spiders around your house, as well as answer some of your questions.


• Black Widow Spider


• Brown Recluse Spider


• Wolf Spider


In general, all spiders bite, but their bites are not all equally poisonous. Most spider bites are no worse than a mosquito bite. However the black widow and the brown recluse bites are quite poisonous. They eat insects, which leads many people to believe they are a good thing to have around. Spiders are hatched from eggs. Most spiders have a life span of around 2 years.

Black Widows


The Western black widow spider is the species found in Arizona. They are poisonous and they do bite, so if you see one it is best to stay away from it and call a pest control company, unless you are certain you can kill it without getting bitten. The female black widow is more likely to bite a human. The male rarely bites.


The female black widow is larger than the male and looks completely different. The female is black and shiny with long spindly legs and a large, black body that has a red hourglass shape on the underside. The male is light brown with lighter stripes on the underside. The web of this spider is not symmetrical. In fact it is very messy, with strings of silk going every which way. If you suspect you have been bitten by a Black Widow, seek immediate medical attention. The venom from the black widow can cause severe allergic reactions in some people. Pets can also be bitten by black widows and will need medical attention.

Wolf Spider


Wolf Spiders are common in Arizona and are often found in or around homes and offices and while they are very frightening to anyone afraid of spiders, they are generally harmless. Wolf spiders do bite if provoked, but they are not considered harmful to humans.


This spider can range in size from small (less than an inch) to very large (our technicians have reported seeing them as large as the palm of their hand). They are most commonly around 2″ across with their leg span. The wolf spider is brown or gray in color. Generally they are trying to blend in to the background.


Interestingly enough, according to Wikipedia, a wolf spider’s eyes reflect light. So if you shine a light on them in the dark, their eyes will glow! Like they weren’t spooky enough!

brown recluse
Brown Recluse


The Brown Recluse spider is a rather small spider, usually only the size of a quarter or less. They are brown in color and have a distinct violin shape on their back.  They don’t move very fast, generally preferring to just hide out in dark places.


Symptoms of a recluse bite include initial aches – somewhat like flu symptoms.  After 1 to 5 days the bite area will become red, very sore to the touch and may start festering up or even opening like a sore without the scab.  The brown recluse is not an aggressive spider and usually will not attack or bite unless they feel threatened, (such as being smashed) or pinched.  They are found in dark, remote places, such as; a woodpile, a barn, the back corner of a closet, even inside a shoe or a box.  If you are bitten by one of these spiders, you may not know it for several days since the bite is generally not painful when it first occurs.

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