No one wants to see ants in their house and especially in their kitchen. If you are having problems with ants, we can help.

Ants come in many varieties from sugar ants to black ants to red ants to pharaoh ants to carpenter ants to fire ants. If you have ants at your house, you likely will know they are there no matter which variety they are.

In general, ants are subterranean – in other words, they live underground. They come above ground during the day to search for food and return underground at night.


One problem with ants is people often don’t know the difference between an ant and a termite. Luckily they are easy to tell apart in their adult stage. The ant has three distinct body parts whereas the termite has only two distinct body parts.


Unfortunately when an ant colony gets too large the send out a group of winged ants to start a new colony. These flying ants are not highly coordinated and tend to land on anything they hit. In our years of pest control in Colorado, we find over and over that the winged ants land on the chimney of the tallest house in a neighborhood and swarm down the chimney and pour out the fireplace into the living space. We have received many phone calls from panicked homeowners with flying ants in their living room.


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